Bloomberg <3 Flatbush

Part of the front garden and porch of one of my neighbors, one of hundreds of properties threatened by inappropriate zoning in Victorian Flatbush in Brooklyn.
Front Garden, 320 Stratford Road

NYC Mayor Bloomberg delivered his state of the city this afternoon from Brooklyn College at Brooklyn Junction:
... here in Flatbush, we’ll re-zone the area not only to create more affordable housing but also to protect its distinct Victorian charm. Brooklyn may have lost the Dodgers, but we’ll make sure its neighborhoods never lose their character.
- Prepared remarks [PDF]
Kinda jumped the gun on the much-anticipated Flatbush Rezoning Plan from Department of City Planning, which is not expected to be certified by the City Planning Commission until the beginning of February, kicking off the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure (ULURP) clock for the rezoning.

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