The Brooklyn Blogade in Bed-Stuy

The Bed-Stuy Blogade
Bed-Stuy Blogade

This afternoon I attended the Bed-Stuy meetup of the Brooklyn Blogade. Today's event was organized and hosted by Petra of Bed-Stuy Blog, Eleanor Traubman of Creative Times, and Joanna Wissinger (Alexa11221 on Bed-Stuy Blog).

Bed-Stuy Blogade at Le Toukouleur

Table, Bed-Stuy Blogade

Bed-Stuy Blogade, Le Toukouleur

The Bed-Stuy Blogadiers

Bloggers seemed almost to be in the minority at today's event, which drew neighbors, journalists, and other blog-readers, as much as bloggers.

Le Toukouleur Restaurant

We met this afternoon at Le Toukouleur, a French-African Restaurant, at 1116 Bedford Avenue, on the corner of Quincy Street in North Bed-Stuy. The space offered lots of art and objects as subjects for photography.

Detail, Wall Mural
Detail, Wall Painting, Le Toukouleur

Window Painting
Window Painting, Le Toukouleur

Drums, Le Toukouleur

Mask, Percussion, and Lanterns
Still-Life with Mask, Percussion and Lanterns

Detail, Window Painting
Detail, Window Painting, Le Toukouleur


My Flickr photo set of the event
Bed-Stuy Blog
Creative Times
Le Toukouleur Restaurant


Rob K said...

Great pictures, Xris!

Anne said...

wow, i'm bummed that i keep missing these blogade events! a plea to those in charge: please don't schedule the next one on the same day as the ghouls and gourds parade at brooklyn botanic garden!

Eleanor Traubman said...


You captured the event beautifully in photos. What an eye for detail you have! Thank you!

Lesterhead said...

Damn, I, too, am sorry to have missed it! Hopefully I'll be able to meet you all soon!