BBG 2012 Calendar: Your Take

Updated 2011-11-20
My photo of Patrick Dougherty's "Natural History" blanketed in January's snow opens Brooklyn Botanic Garden's 2012 calendar.
Natural History

Earlier this year, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden solicited submissions for a visitor-sourced calendar:
Among the Garden’s most passionate visitors are photographers, who capture the beauty each season brings to the Garden’s 52 acres. Their images, taken from unique vantage points, offer perspectives that are at once stunning and unexpected. The 2012 calendar celebrates BBG through their eyes, with a selection of the best visitor-contributed photos from an online competition hosted last year.
Today, the winners met for a reception and guided tour of the Garden.
2012 Calendar Photographer Reception @BklynBotanic

After coffee and munchies, following a brief welcome and introduction from BBG's Claire Hansen, we set out on our own guided tour of the "Your Take" trail, a temporary exhibit on the grounds of the Garden, highlighting each of the photos in the calendar, and its photographer, at the location the photo was taken. Here I am posing with my sign.
Chris Kreussling, Natural History, BBG
Photo: John Magisano

The signs will be up through January. Here's the complete list of all photos in the calendar.


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BBG's Flickr set of copies of the photos used in the calendar
BBG 2012 Calendar, 66 Square Feet (Marie Viljoen)


Fall in Miniature: BBG's Bonsai in November

A yose (group-style) bonsai specimen of Acer palmatum, Japanese Maple, developed by Stanley Chinn currently on display at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. Yose typically group multiple specimens of the same, or closely related species, in the same planting to simplify cultural requirements. Chinn's masterful touch is the selection of cultivars with different fall foliage colors. This specimen is unusual in that there appear to be only two, rather than the typical three or some other odd number, of the trees in the grouping.
Acer palmatum, Group-style Bonsai, BBG

There is no better time of year to visit the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's C. V. Starr Bonsai Museum than right now. Most of the trees on display are in peak fall foliage color. And while the wind has knocked the leaves off many of the trees on the grounds, the sheltered bonsai have been spared those indignities.

This season, they've placed an additional display table at the northern end of the greenhouse, opposite the entrance.
Bonsai Museum, BBG