Edible Gardens, Chicago Botanic Garden

The first garden visited by Chicago Spring Fling 2009 was the Chicago Botanic Garden. Spread out over nine islands, the Garden is huge: 385 acres. One could spend an entire day there and not see all of it.

The Fruit and Vegetable Garden occupies one of the islands of the Chicago Botanic Garden. There are several areas within this garden, showcasing orchards, vine fruits, vegetables, and other edibles. Here's the entrance display that greets you after you cross the bridge to the island.

Edible Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden

All of the display gardens were laid out beautifully. The formal designs and beautifully constructed hardscape would serve many kinds of gardens well. For food production, the structures assure interest and orderliness during the less tidy seasons.

Edible Border

Edible Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden

Backyard Garden, Chicago Botanic Garden

Edible Gardens, Chicago Botanic Garden

Edible Gardens, Chicago Botanic Garden

Glam Shots

Violets, Parsley, and Cabbage
Violets, Parsley, and Cabbage

Swiss Chard 'Bright Lights'
Beta vulgaris 'Bright Lights', Swiss Chard

Potato Flowers
Russet Potato

I did not disturb the Bollworm Traps in the orchard, but I did peek inside. No bollworm moth action when I visited.
Bollworm Trap

Some Viola. I want to make some candied violets someday. I don't know what the best species or variety would be.

Flowers of some Brassica.


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Unknown said...

The Glam shots are nice, but yours are the first macro shots that I've seen of those kitchen gardens... and I must say that the symmetry and geometry are really nice, too. (Even though--or maybe especially because?--I am more of a jungle-planting girl myself.)

Layanee said...

Loved this garden. It is a bit tucked away isn't it. Just bought some chicken wire to make a tower. Maybe this year, maybe not.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Wasn't this an awesome veggie garden. Of course I would have had different veggies in it but hey it was a glamorous garden. Those towers of violas and parsley were dramatic.

peacesojourner said...

Thanks - I enjoyed the photos. I usually concentrate on perennial flower gardening with only a few vegetables in between. These gardens are so orderly - mine certainly don't look so organized.
Thanks for sharing.

Brenda from Flatbush said...

How da heck do you make a tower of violets!? Stick 'em on sideways? P.S. I actually made candied violets one year; they came out like sticky little greyish-mauve schmutzballs. Apparently they require a bit of the confectioner's art (including, I suspect, a jolt of artificial purple coloring), no matter what Martha sez.