Garden Diary, March 28, 2006: The Porch Vine Bed

[Partially transcribed from diary for garden references. The rest of it need not concern you!]

[Written while waiting for and riding subway into the city.]
I planted seeds today. Actually, the planting was the smallest part of what I did today, but it was the excuse for all I did. Last weekend I cleared all the ivy from the side porch. Today I sifted all the leaf mold and broke up the soil in the narrow strip between the porch foundation and the driveway. Finally, eventually, I planted the sweet pea seeds I started soaking last night before I went to bed. I moved the leaf mold and dirt from the tarp I'd set up on the driveway to the backyard.

I was exhausted. I moved a log to contain one of the new beds I'd just created, reset the adirondack chairs, the ones I'd built ... from kits at the apartment [Garden #3 in Park Slope], and collapsed into one of them.

I was too tired to move. For this I was rewarded. Not only did the bird feeder, just 10' from me, continue [ended abruptly for subway transfer.]