Meet Mr. Ripley


This is Ripley, the cat Blog Widow and I adopted this past Saturday. Cat-blogging has never been a regular feature of this blog. I promise this won't become a cat blog.

He's led an interesting life so far. He was born in August 2000, so he's not quite 8 years old. He lived in a shelter on Long Island the first year of his life. He spent about another year as a companion animal at a nursing home with a few other cats. He's lived the past few years with his most recent human here in Brooklyn. They had to give him up because they're moving to a co-op which doesn't allow pets.


We're biased, but we think he's very handsome. It's hard to tell from these photos, but he's huge. He weighs 19 pounds, and it's nearly all muscle. With his size and markings - black spots on white - he reminds us of a Holstein. Or a panther.

We're all still getting to know each other. He's already comfortable enough in his new environment to jump up onto the couch next to us. He's extremely affectionate, loves petting and especially brushing. He's starting to come when we call.

I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


Tonia said...

I am just so thrilled that this worked out! Mr. Ripley looks so regal & so Happy! ~Tonia

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Thanks, Tonia! And thanks for hooking us up.

He definitely has presence. And he's letting his guard down and releasing his "happy cat" more and more. It's fun to observe and get to know him. "Ripley the Ridiculous" is the most regal moniker we've come up with so far.

Gardeness said...

Having read your touching memorial to Spot, I'm happy to learn you have found another family member. Not a replacement, but another to love. Ripley looks quite kingly, with such character clearly showing in his eyes. Enjoy!

bonnie said...

Absolutely lovely. Congratulations.

Brenda from Flatbush said...

Oh, this is a major kind of excellent cat! He is a...a presence!!! Hope to meet him someday; health to you all together!

OldRoses said...

He's gorgeous! I love big cats. And you and your partner deserve a lot of credit for adopting a "senior" cat. It's nearly impossible to find homes for older pets. Everyone wants a puppy or a kitten.