Brooklyn Gardening Bloggers (and Blogging Gardeners)

Update 2008.07.06: Added My American Garden.
Update 2008.05.26: Added 66 Square Feet.
Update 2008.05.03: Added A Brooklyn Life.
Update 2008.04.25: Added New York City Garden.
Update 2008.04.17: Added root stock & quade.

Just a quick post to highlight some of my fellow Brooklynites who also blog about their gardens or gardening.

Brooklyn has more community gardens - about 300 - than the rest of New York City. More people live in Brooklyn (Kings County) than any of the other four boroughs of New York City. The U. S. Census estimates that 2,508,820 people live in Brooklyn as of 2006.

66 Square Feet
The Bark Tree
A Brooklyn Life
City Dirt
The Clueless Gardener
Crazy Stable
A Garden Grows in Brooklyn
My American Garden
New York City Garden
root stock & quade
The Urban Planter
ZuZu's Petals

Here's hoping I get to continue expanding this list.


Kings County Quickfacts, U.S. Census Bureau


bonnie said...

Hey, thanks!

Great reminder that there were a few Brooklyn blogs I've been meaning to add to my blogroll for ages, yours among 'em.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

My pleasure. I'll keep this up to date as I discover more.