The Flatbush CSA

Cortelyou Road Greenmarket, July of last year. This year's CSA pickup will be at this corner, Argyle and Cortelyou, on Tuesdays.
Greenmarket, Cortelyou Road

From Shayna Lewis, coordinator of this year's first-ever Community Support Agriculture (CSA) for Flatbush. Until further notice, they are still accepting new members for this year.
Welcome to all the people who have just been added to the member mailing list. Thank you all for joining, we have surpassed our goal of 40 members and are continuing to grow. Special thanks to all of you who spread the word. In this email I will include some information from previous emails, so bear with me if you've already gotten it. Just trying to prevent confusion (mainly for myself :)...)
  1. The Options:

    Half share vs. full share and pick up vs. delivery:

    • Many of you have expressed interest in half shares. We cannot deliver half shares, but can offer them for pick up.
    • The pick up site will be on Cortelyou and Argyle. Both pick up and delivery will take place on Tuesdays, between 4pm and 9pm (possibly starting earlier, see below).
    • If you have a full share and live pretty near to the pick up place, we can deliver to your house. It is your choice. If you do want delivery, you must send me your address and be sure to be home during delivery hours or arrange with a friend or neighbor to accept your share. If it's possible, you can also let me know if you just want it dropped off in some inconspicuous corner of your property.

  2. Pick up/delivery time:

    Some of you have suggested that earlier in the day on Tuesday would work better for you. I wouldn't mind getting an earlier start on the deliveries, so if you could be around during the day, and are opting for delivery, please let me know.

  3. Payment:

    The cost is as follows:

    • Full Share: $400
    • Full Share plus 1 dozen eggs weekly: $460
    • Full Share plus 1/2 dozen eggs weekly: $430
    • Half Share: $200
    • Half Share plus 1 dozen eggs weekly: $260
    • Half Share plus 1/2 dozen eggs weekly: $230

    Please pay by check made out to Jorge Carmona. Mail the checks to:
    Jorge Carmona
    10039 Ziegels Church Rd.
    Breinigsville, PA 18031

  4. Send me your info:

    If you have not already, when you send a check PLEASE write me an email and let me know the following info:
    1. How much it was for.
    2. If you want delivery or not.
    3. If you do want delivery, your address, phone number, and any other pertinent information regarding the delivery.

  5. First shares:

    The first shares will arrive the first week of June. Start planning your menu...

  6. Volunteering:

    There is no work requirement for this CSA, but some people have generously offered to help out. If you are someone with some extra time on your hands, we could definitely use people for various things. Just let me know.

  7. Membership:

    We are still accepting new members (until further notice) if anyone asks you.
That's about all for now. Definitely contact me if I've neglected to address an issue or question that you have. I look forward to meeting all of you! Thanks again, and be well, Shayna

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