City Planning Commission Unanimously Approves Green Initiatives

Update: The City Council approved the Yards Text Amendment on April 30, 2008.

54 Stratford Road, Caton Park, Flatbush, Brooklyn. This is not a parking lot.
54 Stratford Road, Caton Park, Brooklyn

I learned yesterday that last week NYC's City Planning Commission unanimously approved two initiatives proposed last fall by the Department of City Planning.

I wrote last year about the Yards Text Amendment, which will prevent paving over front yards for parking, among other things. The other proposal mandates street trees - one for each 25 feet of lot frontage, and a minimum of one per lot - for new development and significant renovation. I've written several posts about street trees, though none about this specific DCP proposal.

These now go to the City Council.

246 (left) and 240 (center) Westminster Road, Beverley Square West, Flatbush, Brooklyn
246 (left) and 240 (center) Westminster Road

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