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Cortelyou Road Park, Park(ing) Day NYC 2008

Cortelyou Road Park, Park(ing) Day 2008
Cortelyou Road Park, Park(ing)Day NYC 2008

For the second year, Sustainable Flatbush created Cortelyou Road Park, a mini-park-for-the-day on Cortelyou Road in Flatbush that was one of 50 such sites across New York City.

For our park, I loaned furniture and container plants from my garden to recreate a garden room on Cortelyou Road. The grass was sod donated by Transportation Alternatives (T.A.). The Flatbush Food Co-op donated a gift basket to be raffled off, and kept us stocked in popcorn and chips. Vox Pop donated urns of coffee.

Setting up
Setting up
Setting up

Cortelyou Road Park, Park(ing)Day NYC 2008


Finger painting
Finger Painting
Finger Paints


Bounty donated by the Flatbush Food Coop
Bounty donated by the Flatbush Food Coop


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Park(ing) Day 2008, Sustainable Flatbush
Flatbush Food Co-op
Vox Pop

Park(ing) Day NYC
Park(ing) Day
Transportation Alternatives (T.A.)
The Open Planning Project (TOPP)
The Trust for Public Land
Cortelyou Branch, Brooklyn Public Library, 1305 Cortelyou Rd. at Argyle Road


huey-DEWEY&-LUEY said...

hi, what are the intersection? we lived on C Rd many moons ago???

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

HDL: At the library, corner of Argyle Road/East 13th Street. We're doing it again on Friday, September 18, in two weeks.

huey-DEWEY&-LUEY said...

great, the 'park' must have been down further then us...we lived near great grand ma,ma....and great aunt...........beverlyRD.....
tks for the input.......c how our area has improved from when visited with children after moving to MD