Brooklyn Botanic Garden: Peak Everything

Today, after this morning's rains ended, Blog Widow and I went to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was my scheduled date to pickup my signature plant order: a pair of Paw-paws, and another native, unfamiliar to me: Meehania cordata. I shall be glad to make its acquaintance.

The Garden was peaking today. Like the King in Amadeus, I wanted to declare, simply: "Too many colors." I didn't get to see everything I wanted today. The Rock Garden was also peaking, but I only got to walk past that on my way to the plant pickup area. But I got enough to satisfy my jones for the day.

I've learned to carry deep photographic backup when I'm out on an excursion: two cameras, and two batteries for each. Today it paid off. The battery on my primary camera died just as I was taking the final shot for the panorama of the Cherry Esplanade.

Panorama, Cherry Esplanade, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

That's when I discovered I was missing the backup battery. (It's still missing.) My secondary, point-and-shoot, camera is small enough that I have it with me all the time, tucked into my shoulder bag or, like today, in my jacket. Then the battery died on the P&S, and I resorted to its backup battery, which held up for the rest of the afternoon.


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Mary said...

Great photos, Chris. What an abundance and varieties of beautiful flowers. Wish I had gone too. Love, Mom

Chris said...

I love the idea of having a "signature plant." I think I have one too, just never thought to use that wording before.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Mom: Well, when are you guys coming up to visit?! Glad you enjoyed the photos. There's always plenty to see, whenever you come up.

Chris: Hehehe ... the "Signature" refers to the BBG membership level. Members who contribute at that level or above get a free plant each year.

But I agree with you: I think we should each have a "signature plant." Will have to think what mine is. I'm rather fond of Aquilegia canadensis, Eastern Red Columbine, which is blooming right now.