Event, Brooklyn/Queens: Compost Giveback, May 12, 13, 18 and 19

Compost Demonstration Area at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Compost Demonstration Area

This Spring's Compost Giveback for Brooklyn and Queens will be held at the Spring Creek Composting Site the second and third weekends of May: May 12 & 13, and May 18 & 19. NYC residents (no businesses) can take away as much compost as they can shovel and transport. They can also purchase compost bins for $20, which is a bargain.

You really need private transportation to take advantage. Bring your own shovels. Heavy-duty puncture-resistant garbage bags, such as contractor's bags, are ideal. A wagon wouldn't hurt, either.

The compost bins are high-quality, made from recycled plastic. They come folded flat for transport and snap together for assembly, no tools required. They have a compact footprint, but are big enough to get some heat into the heap. In the photo above, the taller, skinnier black plastic composter in the center of the photo is similar or identical to the discounted model.



Doctor Mom said...

I loved this demonstration area when I visited. It was so great to see the variety of composters and their contents. Will you post on the giveback day?

Carolyn said...

Hello, fellow Brooklyn gardener/blogger.

I could certainly use some extra compost, but not having a vehicle, I've never attended the give-away. Maybe this year I'll use a car service or something.

Xris said...

DM: I'm sure I will post about the compost. It's an impressive operation. I'd do the same if I had a front-end loader and a bulldozer.

C: Thanks for coming by! We've got the car, but I don't have my license yet. I've alerted my partner that we need to haul dirt one of those two weekends.