Brooklyn Botanic Garden, April 14, 2007

[Updated 2007.04.19 21:30 EDT: Added Fragrance Garden, Magnolia Plaza, Daffodil Hill, and Lily Pool Terrace.]

Magnolia Flower, Magnolia Plaza, Brooklyn Botanic Garden
Magnolia Flower

We visited the Brooklyn Botanic Garden last Saturday. So did a lot of other people. It was a perfect day, the day before the Nor'Easter hit and dumped a record rainfall on New York City.

As before, two ways you can explore. The title of this post links to the Flickr set of photos. Or, you can explore the Google Map of my visit.

Google Map of my visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden on April 14, 2007

Rock Garden

West Path, South of the Rock Garden Scilla, Rock Garden Tulipa biflora, Rock Garden Narcissus, Rock Garden Stone Basin, Rock Garden Stone Basin, Rock Garden Hellebores and Beyond Signage, Rock Garden Signage, Rock Garden Signage, Rock Garden Legacy Willow outside the Rock Garden John Perambulatin'

Caucasian Wingnut

Best. Name. Ever. For a tree. This may be the most photographed non-flowering tree in the Garden. I'll honor it with its own post some day.

Caucasian Wingut Shadow of a Wingut Caucasian Wingut (the Tree)

Compost Demonstration Area

Another feature of the Garden deserving of its own post. Just a couple of shots here. Check the Flickr set for all the signage. I liked the homemade styles; either one would work in my garden, now that I have enough space. Yes, I'm a geek.

Compost Demonstration Site Two-Bin System Two-Bin System, Interior View Garden Gourmet Biostack Compost Bench

Native Flora Garden

Entrance to the Native Flora Garden Gate, Native Flora Garden Gate Panel, Native Flora Garden Spider Arboglyphs, American Beech, Native Flora Garden de Vries Sweet Gum, Native Flora Garden Flower, Lindera benzoin, Native Flora Garden Hepatica, Native Flora Garden Skunk Cabbage, Native Flora Garden Confederate Violet, Native Flora Garden

Japanese Garden

I walked the south path of the garden. I don't remember ever walking this way before. It's a different perspective. And it's also where the turtles like to hang out.

Pond, Japanese Garden Cherry Tree, Japanese Garden Pond, Japanese Garden Cherry Tree, Japanese Garden Japanese Garden Sleeping Duck, Japanese Garden Curiosity Salix bockii, Japanese Garden Salix bockii, Japanese Garden Pond, Japanese Garden Red-Eared Slider on Rock, Japanese Garden Pond Overlook, Japanese Garden

Fragrance Garden

This has the most beautiful stonework in the whole garden. It lies between the Shakespeare Garden and the recently landmarked Laboratory Administration Building which faces Magnolia Plaza.

Fragrance Garden Fragrance Garden Fragrance Garden Fragrance Garden Braille Sign for Chives in the Fragrance Garden Fragrance Garden Gate Sign, Fragrance Garden

Magnolia Plaza

They were at their peak when we visited. They'll be just passing their peak right now.

Magnolias and Lab Admin Building Magnolia Flowers Urn, Magnolia Plaza Urn, Magnolia Plaza Walkway Compass, Magnolia Plaza Urn, Magnolia Plaza Urn, Magnolia Plaza Magnolia in front of Lab Admin Building Magnolias and Cupola Magnolias in front of Lab Admin Building Magnolia Plaza and Lab Admin Building Lab Admin Building Magnolia Flower Magnolia Flower Armillary Sphere, Magnolia Plaza

Daffodil Hill

Originally known as Boulder Hill, there's still a marker for the old name.

Daffodil Hill viewed from Magnolia Plaza Plaque, Boulder Hill (Daffodil Hill) Daffodil Hill Daffodil Hill Daffodil Hill Daffodil Hill Daffodil Hill

Lily Pool Terrace

The Annual Borders are about to explode with Tulips. I didn't get any shots of the Mixed (Shrubs and Perennials) Border, which has year-round interest and is lovely right now. Next trip.

Lily Pool Terrace and Palm House Goldfish and Palm House Darwin Hybrid Tulip "“Garant”" Reflections Kaufmanianna Tulip "“Early Harvest”" Double Early Tulip "“Yellow Baby”"

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Ki said...

Beautiful pic of the Mag. Leonard Messel? Boy you do get around!

Xris said...

ki: "Leonard Messel" is a Magnolia variety? I didn't note the different types of magnolias there are in the Plaza. I was just admiring the pretty flowers!

Ki said...

Xris, Leonard Messel is a cross between M. kobus and M. stellata ‘Rosea’. It has thinner and more petals than M. stellata the star Magnolia. Unfortunately I don't have one as I haven't come across very many affordable ones in the nurseries. Yeah, magnolias are pretty stunning aren't they?

Anonymous said...

What a great post - great photos, great use of tools.

Salix Tree said...

That magnolia bloom looks as if made of silk or satin! How beautiful.
Just came to your blog for the first time today, follwing a link from the tree festival. I once lived in NYC, lower east side, no plot of dirt to garden in, but there was the fire escape and roof filled with pots!

Xris said...

ki: Thanks for the description. They have 15 or so Magnolia species and varieties there. When I'm back there next I'll see if that tree is labeled. Spring finally arrived today, so it should be a good weekend for it!

ww: Thanks! I'm finding that for every hour I sepnt in the garden, it takes me 5-6 hours to select, edit and process the photos, build the map, and write the post! I hope the investment is worth it to you and my other readers.

st: Where were you in LES? I used to live on 3rd Street, and gardened a few blocks away on 1st Avenue.

Salix Tree said...

3rd St? Didn't a bunch of bikers live around there?
I lived in many apartments, seems like I was always moving. Let me think.. 7th St near Ave D, 1st Ave near 9th St, and 9th St btwn 1 and 2. Then moved away from NY in 1976.
There is a garden on 1st?
I remember a guy called Adam Purple, he turned a vacant lot into a beautiful garden, it's probably a parking lot now..

Xris said...

st: Yes, the "bunch of bikers" is the Hell's Angels. I lived across the street from them. I moved to Brooklyn 15 years ago.

You moved out before I moved in, in 1979. The garden is behind a tenant-owned building. It's not visible from the street. The building is on 1st Avenue between 9th & 10th Streets, right where you were living.

I remember seeing Adam Purple riding his bike on the streets, towing his carriage of horse manure he collected to build his garden. I never met him, or got to visit his garden, which I think was located in the Lower East Side. Yes, that garden is long-gone.