Gardening Don't

Gardening Don't

If you're going to water your garden with a hose held at waist level, at least wear pants.

This was a window display for Paul Smith at a clothing store on 5th Avenue near 17th Street in Manhattan a few weeks ago. Note the backdrop of pretty flower pictures. And the hose unreeling from the satchel bag. I guess gardening fantasies sell to their demographic.

Gardening Don't


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Hmm... I may disagree with you here. If he was wearing pants, he would probably just get them wet. Maybe he really just needs to lose the coat instead? ;)

Rhea said...

That display is rather suggestive of things other than gardening.


The late British comedian Benny Hill would occasionally show a film clip of himself watering his garden with a hose held on one side of his body right below his waist (& hidden by his legs). The camera would be filming from the opposite side of his body.

Rurality said...

The words came up well before the picture did, and I sure was posessed by a powerful curiousity about what I might see! :)

delilah said...

Very funny! I'm sure that is a very expensive jacket too!
Wondering if you have checked out Urban Outdoors in Williamsburg? I have not yet since I work all the time, but I also heard Chelsea Garden center is opening a branch in Red Hook...
I used to work at Gowanus Nursery for a couple of years and was treated quite poorly... unfortunately, I have no desire to return or support her... I now have the advantage of going to the nurseries on Long Island (wholesale!!!) through my job...

Xris said...

bsg: We're not going for naked gardening here. Maybe a trenchcoat would be a better choice?

rhea: It was rather startling to face upon turning the corner. One wonders which products were being sold. Or services.

aydin: Ah, yes. Benny Hill looks like high art compared to today's fare!

rurality: We aim to tease.

delilah: Great to "meet" another Brooklyn gardener! I just added your blog to my Brooklyn blogroll (which isn't on this blog yet).

I don't know of Urban Outdoors. I don't think I've ever been to Williamsburg.

This Monday is the opening for the Red Hook Chelsea Garden Center. Of course it's a work day. But I think they're aiming for the Fairway crowd, anyway.

Sorry to hear about Gowanus Nursery. I only know them as a customer. What nurseries on Long Island do you like?