Green (#5 of 8)

Walruses at the Coney island Aquarium
Walruses at the Coney island Aquarium

Continuing the series. Green is good. Green is life. Lots of green.

Arborviate Foliage and Cones, Woodfield InnDSC_1286Palm, Tropical Pavilion, BBGChelidonium majus, Lesser Celandine, HabitEuphorbia in the Mixed Perennial Border of the Lily Pool TerraceBalanceDSC_2488Light (Redwoods, Muir Woods)DSC_1082Magnolia PlazaLAMBCranford Rose Garden, looking SouthDSC_2812DSC_2512DSC_1457The Secret GardenDSC_2331

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lisa said...

Green most certainly IS good...thanks for the fun post!

Anonymous said...

This is a fun series. I am enjoying them all. By the time you're finished I may have a new favorite color.
Gee, a walrus looks an awful lot like a manatee. Do you remember swimming with a manatee in the Indian River ? Dad

Xris said...

Lisa: Glad you like it! Any favorites?

Dad: Yes, I think I imprinted on manatees there. More vivid in my memory is Johhny getting hit by the stingray. Did you know you can hear screams underwater?

The walruses enjoy the people show. After their feeding, they come down to look at us. If we're lucky, the big male will make bubble explosions against the window, causing many screams from the children. Much fun.