Red (#2 of 8)

Hibiscus, from South Midwood Garden Tour, July 30, 2006

The second of eight installments on the way to creating a photographic rainbow to use as a banner for the blog and other branding opportunities. Pink was the first, and there will be six more: orange, yellow, green (easy!), blue, indigo (tough!) and violet/purple.

"Red" turned out to be harder for me to define than "Pink". It's not a simple color. There are so many different flavors of red. Of course, there's the brilliant, vibrant, almost crimson that screams RED, like the Hibiscus.

There are less saturated reds, like brick red:

Front Porch Detail, from The Front Garden Evolving, January 24, 2007
Front Porch, Brick Detail, April 2005

Some leaves:

Virgina Creeper, from North Carolina Arboretum, October 9, 2006
Virginia Creeper

And even algae:

Algae Pool in Rock, from North Carolina Arboretum Bonsai House, October 9, 2006

I'm having a particularly hard time figuring out where red leaves off and orange begins:

Cormorant on Torii in the Japanese Garden, from Brooklyn Botanic Garden, April 23, 2006
Cormorant on Torii in the Japanese Garden

Maple Tree, 91 Marlborough Road
Maple Tree, 91 Marlborough Road

There are many more flavors of red in the Flickr photo set, so be sure to visit there, too.

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