Festival of the Trees #9

[Updated 2007.03.04: Added link to FotT #10 Call for Submissions.]

Festival of the Trees #9 is up on Larry Ayers' blog Riverside Rambles.

I'm pleased to say that my recent post, Landscape and Politics, about the threats to privately-owned and -managed green space in Brooklyn's 40th City Council District, made it onto the list. I'm in good company. Many of my favorite nature and garden bloggers, and many more new to me, are in this Festival. I look forward to browsing through them over the next few days.

FotT #10 will be at Roger Butterfield's Words and Pictures; the Call for Submissions went up March 4 though I haven't seen a formal call for submissions yet.

And FotT #11 will be right here on Flatbush Gardener! I'm excited about that, because it will be my first time hosting a carnival.


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