Event, May 10: 2nd Annual Brooklyn Blogfest

Old Stone House. Credit: Paul Kostro
Photo of the Old Stone House by Paul Kostro

Back in February, Only The Blog Knows Brooklyn (OTBKB) announced that the Second Annual Brooklyn Blogfest will take place May 10th at 8pm. The theme is "The Impact of Brooklyn Blogging." It will be held at the Old Stone House in J. J. Byrne Memorial Park in Park Slope, near the middle of 3rd Street between 4th and 5th Avenues.

In today's follow-up announcement, OTBKB provided contact information. I'm signed up for the "new blog on the block" open mic. If you have suggestions on how I should describe this blog, please leave a comment! (Be nice.)
There will be special guest speakers, an OPEN MIC FOR ALL NEW BROOKLYN BLOGGERS and lots of time to meet and greet.

Meet all of your favorite Brooklyn Bloggers, including Gowanus Lounge, A Brooklyn Life, Seeing Green, Brownstoner, Creative Times, Brooklyn Record, No Land Grab, AYR Report, Streetsblog, Rabbi Andy Bachman, Pastor Daniel Meeter, Joe's NYC, No Words_Daily Pix, Mommy 101, Special Focus, Shiksa From Manila, Mrs. Cleavage's Diary and many more ...

Donation (Tip Jar): $5.00 (to defray costs).
I'm wondering if the Old Stone House is gonna be big enough for this event:
The great hall comfortably accommodates 80 standing, 60 seated. When rented in conjunction with the first floor gallery the House holds 125 people. Adding a tent expands our capacity.

- Site Rental page, Old Stone House Web site

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