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The Garden-Based Learning Program develops projects, activities, and other materials, as well as gardening content- and youth development-oriented support. Many of our materials can be found on-line at this site, or through the Cornell Cooperative Extension Media Services Resource Center.
- About page, Garden-Based Learning
The Garden-Based Learning Program is based in the Department of Horticulture at Cornell University. We partner with faculty and staff in other departments at Cornell, educators in county Cooperative Extension associations, and with other agencies throughout the U.S.

Our garden-based learning team encompasses a small group of county and campus educators that meet twice each year to brainstorm new projects, share resources, and plan conference and inservices.

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Ellis Hollow said...

Hey Xris: This is one of the sites I developed and maintain at work. (Content comes from my friend Marcia.) Thanks for the shout-out. We love to have folks pass along more resources they think would be of value to our audience.