Orange (#3 of 8)

Anthurium infructescence with fruits, from BBG, March 3
Anthurium infructescence with fruits, Tropical Pavilion, BBG
The third of eight in a series. Pink and Red preceded. Yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet/purple will follow.

Leaves on a shrub in the mixed border at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, from Brooklyn Botanic Garden, November 6, 2005
Shrubbery in the mixed border, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Trumpet Vine, from South Midwood Garden Tour, July 30, 2006
Trumpet Vine

Butternut Squash, from Squash and Pear Soup, October 7, 2006
Butternut Squash

Maple Trees, from The 2006 New York Sheep & Wool Festival
Maple Trees

Leaves on Rugby Road in Prospect Park South
Holding leaves on Rugby Road

Lily Pool Terrace, from BBG, November 4, 2006
Lily Pool Terrace, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Still Life, Picket Fence Restaurant
Still Life, Picket Fence