A Visit to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden

[Updated 2007.03.04: Added links to related posts, and to BBG.]

Today I dragged my better half to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. It was a brief visit; it was sunny and warm when we left the house, but cloudy and chilly by the time I finished buying my seeds at the gift shop.

Shadow and Light, Bonsai Museum, BBG

The Bonsai Museum

Four-way stone, Bonsai Museum, BBGBasin, Bonsai Museum, BBGAcer palmatum, Bonsai Museum, BBGJumiperus chinensis var. sargentii, Bonsai in literati style, BBGBonsai, detail showing wire wrapping in placeThree trees, Bonsai Museum, BBG

Bonsai Museum, Steinhardt Conservatory, BBGJuniperus chinensis, Bonsai, Informal upright style, BBG

The Desert Pavilion

Desert Pavilion, Steinhardt Conservatory, BBGDesert Pavilion, Steinhardt Conservatory, BBGDesert Pavilion, Steinhardt Conservatory, BBGPelargonium crithmifolium, Desert Pavilion, BBG

The Tropical Pavilion

Tropical Pavilion, Steinhardt Conservatory, BBGAnthurium infructescence with fruits, Tropical Pavilion, BBGPalm, Tropical Pavilion, BBGWatercolors, Tropical Pavilion, BBG

Croton leaf, Tropical Pavilion, BBG

The Japanese Garden

Torii and pond, Japanese Garden, BBGFIltered View, Japanese Garden, BBG

Torii and Pond, Japanese Garden, BBGFiltered View, Japanese Garden, BBG


Artist and subject in the Trail of Evolution greenhouse. BBG offers classes in botanical art and illustration. I think one or more classes were in session when we visited. We saw several student-artists throughout the garden.

Artist and subject, Trail of Evolution, BBG

Magnolia in bud at, where else, Magnolia Plaza. I'm guessing bloom for the Star Magnolias is just two weeks away, depending on what weather we get.

Magnolia buds, Judith D. Zuk Magnolia Plaza, BBG

The Shakespeare Garden. I hardly ever spend any time in this garden; I usually pass through it on my way to another destination. The entrance to this garden is just across from the Japanese Garden. It also connects with the Fragrance Garden.

Shakespeare Garden, BBG

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Kerri said...

Thanks for these interesting pictures of the BBG. I like the way you've presented them, and appreciate this glimpse of a place that my husband and I have talked of going for quite some time.
I also enjoyed your latest parrot video. It's the first I've seen of your Brooklyn parrots. Fascinating!
Thanks for the info on the multiflora rose. I appreciate you stopping by.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful pictures, Xris, especially for a cold and cloudy day. I'm so happy to discover your blog - if there's habitat in NYC, there's hope for us all - I'm looking forward to subscribing and reading your posts.

Thanks for stopping by Wrenaissance ...

Gotta Garden said...

I would LOVE to visit the BBG!! Your posts were the next best thing! I also like how you do your pictures! Did I read that you are only three stops away from the BBG??! Lucky, lucky you!!