News: DEA busts a different kind of CSA in Washington Heights

Regardless of other issues raised by this story, as a gardener I am impressed by the horticultural prowess, discipline, and commitment it takes to keep 700 plants of any kind alive ... indoors ... under lights:
WNBC reported, "It took investigators several hours to remove all of the drug-related material from the location." Also, it was "unusual" for so many pot plants to be grown in one city location.
- 700 Marijuana Plants Found in Apartment, Gothamist
Drug Enforcement agents raided a Washington Heights apartment building on Tuesday and found a virtual "forest" of marijuana plants being grown on one floor of the building.
Con Edison electrical experts were also called in to help dismantle the drug facility because of the advanced lighting that was installed across five rooms of the building.
- Marijuana 'Forest' Found In Manhattan Building, WNBC

I'm strictly an outdoor gardener. I can't even keep a houseplant alive. Nevertheless, I will state for the record that this is not the sort of CSA I hope to see in my neighborhood.

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