Waterfront Museum, Red Hook, Brooklyn

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The Waterfront Museum was one of the highlights of yesterday's walking tour of Red Hook, Brooklyn, associated with the Historic District Council's 13th Annual Preservation Conference. Myself, I could have spent two hours there alone. The story of the barge, not to mention the people and characters involved in saving and restoring it, is fascinating. I want to go back when the water is warmer!

It was also visual overload. I couldn't capture everything. Here's what I got.

Waterfront Museum Barge, Red Hook

Waterfront Museum Barge, Red Hook

Pier 41

Statue of Liberty

David Sharps Speaks to the HDC Red Hook Walking Tour

David Sharps

Rope Ball

Hinge and Hasp


Barge Bunny

Block and Tackle

Chest Hardware

David Sharps

Wooden Propeller Blade, Detail

Kinetic Musical Sculpture

Going ...... going ...... gone!

Musical Sculpture

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