HDC Red Hook Walking Tour

Beard and Robinson Warehouse, Beard Street, Red Hook
[Updated 2007.03.14: Changed post title to link to my Collection - a feature Flickr just added yesterday - of my Sets of photos from the tour. Added links to Related Posts.]
[Updated 2007.03.12: Added several images.]

Today I went on a Walking Tour of Red Hook, sponsored by the the Historic District Council. This and several other tours were organized to cap their 13th Annual Preservation Conference, which I attended all day yesterday.

Follow the link from the title of this post to see today's pictures. I managed to whittle down more than half of the photos I took today. That still leaves over 200 photos. I have massive editing to do. In no particular order, here are some of my favorite images of the day.

Lamb Baited Area

Barge Bunny

Entran No 6

School Bus Emergency Door

Fish Heads, Valentino Pier

Our Lady of the Corner of Garnet and Court Streets, Botanica de la Milagrosa

Block and Tackle

Cobblestones, Van Dyke Street

Open and Shut

Gowanus Canal

Salt Dunes

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