Robert Guskind, founder of Gowanus Lounge, 1958-2009

Update 2010.01.03: Corrected all links to the old Gowanus Lounge domain to the new memorial domain.

Update 2009.03.20: A memorial is planned for April 4.
Update 2009.03.14: Finally wrote my memorial post.
Update 2009.03.11: The official, authorized, and epic obituary for Bob, written lovingly by his family and friends, was published online today. Please read In Memoriam, Robert Guskind on Gowanus Lounge.
Updates 2009.03.06:
  • It's been all I can do just to keep up with the flood of online remembrances and other reports in response to Bob's death. As of mid-day, there are over 60. Reading everyone's posts brings back my own memories of Bob, which I hope to post over the weekend.
  • Changed the link for the Brooklyn Paper.

I just learned, from Windsor Terrace Alliance and Brownstoner, that Robert "Bob" Guskind, founder of Gowanus Lounge, was found dead in his home yesterday, March 4, 2009.

He was a colleague, and a friend. I'm stunned, and can't write anything else right now. See Links below for others' coverage of this terrible loss.

Robert Guskind, speaking at the second Brooklyn Blogfest in May 2007.
Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge

Robert Guskind speaking at the first Brooklyn Blogade, at Vox Pop in Flatbush, in June 2007.

Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge

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Dope On The Slope said...

Very sad.

I can't believe the cavalier tone of the Brooklyn Paper's obituary.

They could have covered the same facts with a good deal less cuteness.

Death isn't cute.

Anonymous said...

It's not an obituary. Stop over-reacting.

Chris Kreussling (Flatbush Gardener) said...

Anonymous coward: You're right. It's not an obituary. It was an editorial. My mistake on that.

"making increasingly erratic Web postings over the past few months"

They've already cleaned up the more egregious text:

"The NYPD offered no reports of any suicides near Guskind’s home" has been changed to deaths.

"formerly jovial journo" has dropped the "formerly".

They made the changes. I wasn't over-reacting.

Anonymous said...

I'm SHOCKED. Really shocked. Bob was, in my opinion, one of the hardest working bloggers I've ever known. He was so friendly and so supportive of bloggers from underblogged parts of Brooklyn. RIP, Bob.

BestViewInBrooklyn said...

Xris, thanks for being vigilant regarding the changes made on the article. I noticed them, but I didn't have my head together enough to document it. The part that annoys me the most (and makes the BP sound like the Post) is the "jovial journo." Ridiculous example of reporting.

Judy said...

I was also horrified by the Brooklyn Paper's piece on his death. First they send out an email blast about it, then the disrespectful tone, then the editor snippily sticking up for their story on any blog that dare criticize their coverage. . . I'm disgusted.

Anonymous said...

The Brooklyn Paper also changed a sentence that claimed that Guskind had chosen to pull the Gowanus Lounge site down.

Actually, it was just a technical problem. The site may be up in a day or two.

Brian said...


Thanks for your work today. Both for your kind words about a great Brooklyn advocate and journalist, and also for calling out yellow journalism for what it is.

Anonymous said...

This is a tremendous loss. Not only for his family and friends, but for anybody that cares about Brooklyn. GL was an essential resource. He will be missed by many, many people, most of whom never met him in the flesh. RIP

Anonymous said...

I've been lucky to work closely with Bob and help him run this website before he passed. I am certainly happy for all of us that the archives are back up!
Rest in Peace Bob, bless you for your friendship. I will miss you everyday.

Anonymous said...

I stumbled on this piece on Huffington Post this morning and wound up spending an hour or so meandering around this fine fellows life. What a tribute to blogs that this man is permanently affixed to the heart of his matter.

I spent about six weeks in Brooklyn back in the 60's, 8 th avenue & Flatbush, with a school teacher I had met in San Francisco circa Summer Of Love, she took me home and I was made welcome in the neighborhood. I didn't last long but that wasn't Brooklyns fault. Rest in Peace Robert.