Vote! (Again!)

I voted on my way to work this morning. If you're a registered voter in Brooklyn's 40th City Council District, please vote today for your next City Councilperson.

Una-Gene made their first appearance in my neighborhood this morning. Both Mathieu Eugene and Una Clarke were on the sidewalk of P.S. 139, my polling place, in Beverley Square West.


Eugene looked scared. He seemed genuinely baffled as to why people in my neighborhood were angry with him for wasting our votes and hundreds of thousands of dollars by refusing to prove he was eligible to take the seat for which he was elected and calling for a second special election. Like Senator Charles Palatine in the film Taxi Driver, throughout both campaigns Eugene has vapidly parroted the words "the people." He should not be so surprised that not all "the people" are grateful to him for mentioning us.

Not to mention the questions surrounding funding for his community organization. Or the validity of calling himself a "Doctor," clearly something he learned from Yvette Clarke.

Of course, we wouldn't be in this mess in the first place if Yvette Clarke hadn't thought she could do more damage make more money as a U.S. Congresswoman.

They can't respond to a written questionnaire. They can't show up at a local candidate's forum; even Sharpe - whom Eugene had removed from the ballot at the time but was just last week reinstated by a judge - showed up for that.

But they can show up to intimidate voters hobnob with their fellow wizards at the steps of the polling place. That's where Una and her cronies were this morning: on the sidewalk in front of the entrance to the polls. I'll post the photographic evidence when I get home late tonight.

They seem to believe that residency laws don't apply to them. Maybe electioneering laws don't apply to them, either.

Or maybe the only reason they showed up this morning is to create yet another election crisis to manipulate in their favor. Electioneering and voter intimidation at the polls ... might that be enough to invalidate the election altogether, or at least the results from a polling place where votes are likely to go largely against them?

Masters of Chaos they are, Thing One and Thing Two.


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