Reminder - Call for Submissions for Festival of the Trees #11: Trees in the Concrete

Dueling Maples, 1422 Beverley Road, November 2006. I pass these two trees when I walk to and from the subway.
Dueling Maples

Just a reminder that we're still inviting submissions for Festival of the Trees #11, which I'll be hosting here on Flatbush Gardener in May.

Although I haven't gotten to acknowledge any of the entries yet, I want to thank everyone who's submitted entries so far. The pace has been quickening the past few days. With over 30 submissions as of this afternoon, it's shaping up to be a terrific carnival.

Many of you are finding connections with the theme of "Trees in the Concrete": street trees, trees in cities, urban forestry, and so on. Do you have a favorite street tree? Trees in city parks? Tell us about them! This is not a restrictive theme, so anything which fits the FotT submission guidelines is welcome. And you don't need a blog or Web site of your own. You can send in a link you find on the Web. If you have a doubt, send it.

The publication date will be May 1st, 2007. The deadline for submissions is April 29. You can submit entries via the Festival of the Trees Submission Form on BlogCarnival. You can also send an email to festival (dot) trees (at) gmail (dot) com with "Festival of the Trees" in the subject.

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