The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitors Photo Pool

With Spring ramping up, and Hanami upon us, this seems as good a time as any to let folks know about the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitors (BBGV) group and photo pool on Flickr. Here's the original description from Paul-M, who started the group:
Pictures taken at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. This is not affiliated with the garden. I'm just a lover of the place. There is a 12 picture per day maximum.
- About Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitors
I'm a co-administrator. The group is open to anyone for viewing, and open to any Flickr user for contributing. Contributors retain all rights.

Here is a Flickr HTML badge sampling photos from BBGV. I also have a Flash badge for the group in the sidebar.

I encourage everyone visiting the Brooklyn Botanic Garden this Spring to share their photos!

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lisa said...

What a terrific idea! Awesome photos too...that's a definate benefit of big city living.