Meta: Email address in profile

My profile now lists an email address. To keep the spam down, it's not labelled as "email." It's at the end of the "About Me" text, obfuscated in the usual dot at fashion.

My blog has become more popular. I'm regularly getting over 120 visitors a day; the average for this month is 190 visitors, skewed by some very popular posts at the beginning of the month. Only 12% are return visits. I've also been getting more involved in my community.

I'm finding that folks want to be able to contact me directly with questions and feedback. Sometimes it's that they prefer private to public communication. Maybe it's that there's no relevant post to which to attach a comment.

Regardless, I'm open to direct correspondence. I've added the email address to my little cards. I realized I should extend at least the same courtesy to my readers!

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