Meta: Finding Flatbush Gardener

In the past few days, people have found my blog when searching Google for:

dwarf colony in staten island

A colony of dwarves? A very small colony? Does such a thing exist? Ask Google ...

This turns up my March archive, which happens to have the words "dwarf", "colony" and the phrase "Staten Island" in it, though all on separate posts. It's low on the list; I'm surprised they clicked through.

a boy's soul taken to heaven by angels

When I checked, my blog was the FIRST site returned for this phrase. They get one of my "Blog Against Theocracy" posts. Probably not what they were looking for! Though remarkably on-topic.


I don't want to know what they were looking for. Of course, this turns up one of my Corpse Flower posts. My Dad wrote: They're looking for Arum Death Plant which was a happy article.

where rabies is popular

Addams Family seeks perfect vacation spot.

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Anonymous said...

Who said "no such thing as bad publicity?"