Klaatu Barada Nikto! (Trans: Geeks' Night Out)

Tomorrow evening, Movies with a View is showing The Day the Earth Stood Still at Brooklyn Brige Park. The event is free. Music starts at 6pm, and the movie starts at sunset, which is 7:27 PM tomorrow. They describe the film as "A cult classic! Quintessential fifties sci-fi ..." Nay, archetypal.

I wonder if they'll shut down Manhattan on queue?

But wait! There's more:
Short: Piece By Piece by Sachi Schuricht, Emma Thatcher, Isaiah Allekotte and Grace Rathbone-Webber
A short documentary about the resurgence of the Rubik’s Cube and the practice of Speedcubing. Meet one of the original creators of a well-known Speedcubing algorithm and the 1982 Swedish Speedcubing champion.

DJ: Tim “Love” Lee, founder of Tummy Touch Records, teams up with DJ Robyn to bring you spacey, sci-fi sounds.
Geek flicks, geek music, geek lore, and live geeks!

Geek heaven ... bring your theremin.

via Brownstoner.


Garden Wise Guy said...

Yo, Brooklyn! (And “tag”, you’re it!)

I've been really enjoying your blog! I left East Flatbush at the tender age of 8, but been back a few times as an adult, so I enjoy reading your blog and your perspective on gardening in the urban mix.

Not sure if you're ever up for a blogsphere "meme," but they can be kinda fun. It’s kind of like a chain letter filled with fun personal facts. I tagged you for "8 Fun Facts" if you choose to play...click over to… http://gardenwiseguy.blogspot.com/2007/07/little-diversion.html, read the rules and jump in.


Garden Wise Guy

bs said...

jealous! for those of us not in new york... i found a reenactment!