Flatbush Wildlife Report: Raccoons and Opposums

Virginia Opposum, Didelphis Virginiana, in my backyard in Flatbush, Brooklyn.
Virginia Opposum, Didelphis Virginiana, Flatbush, Brooklyn

This evening my tenants saw five raccoons, Procyon lotor, and two opposums, Didelphis virginiana, in our backyard.

By the time I got downstairs and into the backyard, they were all gone. We did manage to lure an opposum into the open with some fish. I got the one good photo above.

I didn't get to see the other opposum, which was larger and all white rather than marbled as the one above. I believe the white one was the mother, and this was one of the young.

The raccoons were four smaller and one large. Again, seems like a mother and pups.

Last year's raccoons first appeared in late July, early August, so they're about three weeks early this year. Last year's sightings also occurred during a series of warm nights; it's been in the 90s during the day and only down to the upper 70s at night the past two days.


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lisa said...

Thanks very much for this post! Although I've lived all of my life with these creatures, I never knew they were beneficial in any way! I always thought they just got into garbage, but if they eat mice, rats and snails, they're all right by me! And who knew there was an "Opossum Society of the United States"? What a world...

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

This little guy was soooo cute! I'm fond of the critters.

I'd never seen them in NYC, not even elsewhere in Brooklyn, until we moved to Flatbush. I know they're local. I haven't figured out yet where they're living. And breeding.

Steve said...

A couple of years ago a possum got trapped on a building ledge in Murray Hill. This being Manhattan, no one knew what it was. People thought it was a big rat! The story even made The New York Times. I think the possum escaped, finally, but yes - even in Manhattan we've got 'em.

Lisanne said...

One walked into the back door of my house in Sheepshead Bay in January. I coaxed him back outside with cat food. After that, I would leave dry cat food on my patio, and he would come by a night and eat it. One night he came before I left the food, and he started banging his head against my back door. I brought out the food, which he ate out of my hand. he even allowed me to pet him. When I tried to talk to him, however, he got scared and ran off. he did show up the next night for more fun, however.

My camera was broken at the time, so I didn't get any photographs.

Gary said...

Cute little fellow. I think I read that possums are the most ancient mammal living on earth.

meresy_g said...

I don't think we've ever had a raccoon on our property. I think we've had a few possum. How funny that your Flatbush city yard is so full of wildlife. Pretty cool. Great possum picture, btw.

The County Clerk said...

I love it when a possum comes to visit. It feels like good luck or something. I always think it is treat.

Rob K said...

Great picture, man. Haven't seen anything like this in Bay Ridge, but I'll keep my eyes peeled.