Let's follow Brenda into the woods ...

Brenda of Crazy Stable has launched a new joint, and wants us all to tag along:
Here's the deal: I hereby commit to walking or cycling in Brooklyn's magnificent Prospect Park every day for a year, with as few exceptions as humanly possible, and then showing or telling you at least one cool thing I encountered, through this new blog. ... I invite the blogosphere: Come to Prospect Park with me every day. Unimaginable marvels await us, if I can only get my butt out of this house.
- Can Prospect Park change my life?
She's off to a good start, with a post yesterday and today. She has some evocative shots of Prospect Lake today, likening it to Lake Lachrymose.

So let's visit Brenda and give her encouragement, especially on these cold winter days:
Determined to keep my resolution for a second day running, and undeterred by bronchitis, I ventured as far as the water's edge for 10 minutes or so. Incredibly, joggers were stretching and running around in the dark and frigid morning. I detest the cold; I come to manic life during a heat wave, but cold is my Kryptonite. I'm actually scared of going out tomorrow, with wind chills in the single digits.
- A codgery of coots

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Anonymous said...

THANKS, Xris! I am loving the encouragement! Up to day 3...longer than most of my New Year's resolutions!