Daffodil Project Reservation Deadline is Monday, September 29

A Daffodil blooming on Cortelyou Road this past Spring
Cortelyou Daffodils

This Monday, September 29 is the deadline for reserving Daffodils from the 2008 Daffodil Project. The Brooklyn pickup will be Saturday, October 18 at Grand Army Plaza.

This year, I requested 1,000 bulbs on behalf of the Flatbush Community Garden. Neighbor Stacey, who kicked off last year's planting, has requested another 1,000. We're targeting the first two weekends in November - the 1st, 2nd, 8th and 9th - for planting on Beverley Road, Cortelyou Road, Newkirk Avenue, and P.S. 139. These dates are listed in my Google calendar in the sidebar as "Flatbush Daffodil Project." If you'd like to help, watch for announcements as the dates approach.

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1 comment:

Peregrine said...

It was wonderful to see the daffodils come up this spring.
Hopefully they will multiply and adding 2000 more will make for a terrific display.
I will do my best to be available to help plant.
Thanks for taking the initiative on this.