Flatbush Rezoning Proposal scheduled for certification

Update 2009-03-02: CPC certified the Rezoning Plan.

On the agenda for Monday's Review Session [PDF] of the City Planning Commission (CPC) are two Brooklyn rezoning proposals: Greenpoint-Williamsburg, and Flatbush.

314 (left) and 308 Stratford Road, two of the hundreds of houses will receive protection from inappropriate zoning with the Flatbush Rezoning Proposal.
314 Stratford Road

Certification by CPC is expected for the Flatbush Rezoning proposal. That will initiate the sequence of approvals under the Uniform Land Use Review Procedure, also known as the ULURP clock [PDF]. As I reported in June 2008, there are four major goals for the rezoning, reflecting several of the community concerns that were expressed during Imagine Flatbush 2030:
  1. Preserve the existing free-standing (detached) single- and two-family houses.
  2. Match new zoning to existing buildings as closely as possible without "under zoning".
  3. Encourage creation of affordable housing through incentives.
  4. Create opportunities for commercial growth.

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Uniform Land Use Review Procedure


lola said...

I know you are talking about Flatbush. I'm interested about E. 69th Ave. off Flatbush. Can you tell me how things are there now? Are the horse stables still there or are they long gone?

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I don't know the location you're talking about. There's no East 69th Avenue in Brooklyn. There's a short stretch of East 69th Street, but that's in Bergen Beach, and doesn't come near Flatbush Avenue.

lola said...

Sorry, I had the address wrong. It was E. 69th St. not far from Airport off Belk Pkw. I also had friends that lived on E. 74th St.
I'm talking about 47/48 years ago. I guess all has changed drastically since then.

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

I don't know that area at all. I would expect everything is very different after 50 years!

There is one working stable in Kensington, not far from where I live. They offer riding lessons and trail rides in Prospect Park, one block away.