Victorian Flatbush House Tour

2008.02.13 IMPORTANT UPDATE: The date for this year's tour will be Sunday, June 14, the second Sunday in June, and not June 7 as originally reported.

This year's Victorian Flatbush House Tour is scheduled for June 14, 2009, the second Sunday in June. If it follows the schedule of past years, the tour will run from 1-6pm.

1306 Albemarle Road, Prospect Park South

Unfortunately for me, that means it will conflict with the Brownstone Brooklyn Garden Tour, like it did last year.

Don't miss the architectural awesomeness of these neighborhoods, which boast a diversity of architectural styles and house types.


317 Rugby Road

Dining Room


700 East 17 Street, Midwood Park, Flatbush, Brooklyn

House in South Midwood

1306 Albemarle Road, Prospect Park South

House on Argyle Road

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Brenda from Flatbush said...

You do the best Flatbush house porn, Xris! But...will June ever come????

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

With today's thaw, I checked the front yards. I saw the foliage of both Snowdrops and Crocus, so Spring is just waiting to make a break for it.

Neesa Sunar said...


Thanks for adding the Dorchester Senior Citizen's Center to the Side bar of your blog! You are always welcome to visit us!