Other's People's Gardens: Greenwich Village, Manhattan, NYC, July 25, 2006

Yesterday afternoon and evening I was in the East and West Village in Manhattan. I was having some fun with my camera phone (phone camera? floor wax? dessert topping? dating myself?).

On East 11th Street (I think) in the West Village (Greenwich Village) was this lush and perfect container garden on the front steps of a townhouse. The photo cannot do it justice. I would have to do some major retouching to recreate the total effect and the subtely of the colors and shades. To get an idea, the steps were not in the sun when I took this picture. The chartreuse sweet potato vine is washed out because my phonecam (ah, that's it!) can't capture the full dynamic range from dark to light. I hope I can get back with my real camera to share it with all of you.


Unknown said...

Wow... I've been wanting to do something on the insides of my front steps for a while, so this is extra-special eye candy. Are these all the same combo, planted in square black box planters one per step?

Carol Michel said...

I love the dark purple foliage combined with the chartreuse foliage. Very nice!

Christa said...

That's one of my favorite plant-color combos -- the lime green against the purples. So beautiful!