David Foulke Memorial Garden, Boerum Hill, Green With Envy Tour, I.4

David Foulke Memorial Garden

Another lovely, ornamental garden in Boerum Hill. It may sound strange, but the first thing that really wowed me about this garden was the sinuous brick path winding from the front entrance to the back seating area.

David Foulke Memorial Garden

David Foulke Memorial Garden

Solid, perfectly bowed from the center to the margins for drainage. A herringbone pattern, with each marginal brick perfectly cut to fit the curve of the path. A professional job, which makes sense, considering that this garden is owned by the Brooklyn-Queens Land Trust, which has access to the resources for a job like this.

There was also plenty of vegetal eye candy, as well.

Wall Planter

Solenostemon (Coleus)

Daucus carota


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