The Brooklyn Botanic Garden Celebrity Path

Hi-O highlighted the Brooklyn Botanic Garden's Celebrity Path in their blog yesterday:
The list of celebrities from Brooklyn is long and growing. I linked the list to Wikipedia from the Brooklyn Botanical Garden's walk of fame.

- "Harvey Keitel or Woody Allen? Brooklyn's Most Famous?"
It's an extensive list, and linking most of the names to their Wikipedia articles is quite a service. (I'm surprised there really is nothing on Wikipedia for Woody Guthrie or Joan Rivers.)

I can say this is about my least favorite feature of the Gardens. It's just odd.

The path itself is in a weird place. I never seem to need to go between the two places it joins. It goes behind the Japanese Garden, from one entrance to the other. I'd rather walk through the Japanese Garden.

Walking along the path, the stepping stones themselves are just distracting. If only there were some nice views or vistas along the way. If there are, I've missed them because I keep reading the stones!

BBG notes that "New names are added to Celebrity Path each June on the borough's annual Welcome Back to Brooklyn Day." So we can look forward to more distractions later this year.

Any Brooklynites you would want to add to the list?


Hi-O said...

Thanks for linking to my post above - I went back to Wikipedia and pulled up the names for Joan and Woody, so now they are dirctly linked. For some reason they spelled the names wrong on the BBG site so they didn't come up when I was looking. To answer your question (about why they are weighted on my blog).... They are weighted to add effect and the are very loosely based on their present day popularity among my generation. Nothing scientific.

I agree with you about the path in the gardens although when I first saw it I enjoyed learning about all of the different people that make this borough great!

cool blog, I will add you to my blogroll!

Anonymous said...

My comment may not even be appropriate to the discussion about walking and distractions because of the stones. I just want to say that I love plant life. It so happened to be one of my favorite subject in college. I am a scientist and I would love to learn about the many different and wonderful trees and flowers, shrubs that exist. From rain forest to desert to just regular city plants. So, my point is I need a job. I want you to hire me today, please.