Brownstone Garden Walk, 1/3: Fort Greene

Hydrangea and Sweet Potato Vine, 116 Lafayette Avenue, Fort Greene, Brooklyn
Detail, Hydrangea and Sweet Potato Vine, 116 Lafayette Avenue

Numbered as they were in the tour guide. Listed in the order I visited them.

Stop #6: 42 South Portland Avenue
42 South Portland Avenue42 South Portland AvenueBorrowed View, 42 South Portland Avanue42 South Portland AvenueBig Blue Hosta, 42 South Portland Avenue42 South Portland AvenueFerns and Roses, 42 South Portlane AvenueFlagstones, 42 South Portland AvenueChive Flowers, 42 South Portland AvenuePlanter Bench, 42 South Portland Avenue42 South Portland AvenueRose, 42 South Portland Avenue

Stop #7: 151 DeKalb Avenue
151 Dekalb Avenue151 DeKalb Avenue151 DeKalb AvenueZonal Geranium, 151 DeKalb Avenue151 DeKalb AvenueClerodendrum, 151 DeKalb Avenue

Stop #8: 152 DeKalb Avenue
152 DeKalb Avenue152 DeKalb Avenue152 DeKalb AvenueKitty!Fern in log, 152 DeKalb AvenueCabbage Butterfly

Stop #9: 116 Lafayette Avenue
116 Lafayette AvenueStorage Bench, 116 Lafayette AvenueSpa116 Lafayette Avenue116 Lafayette AvenueClimbing Hydrangea and Evergreen Shrubs, 116 Lafayette Avenue116 Lafayette AvenueHostas and Boston Ivy, 116 Lafayette Avenue116 Lafayette AvenueMosses on Steps, 116 Lafayette AvenueColeus in Containers, 116 Lafayette AvenueLounging Areas, 116 Lafayette AvenueContainers, 116 Lafayette AvenueDetail, Heuchera (“Lime Rickey”?) in Blue Pot, 116 Lafayette AvenueColeus, 116 Lafayette AvenueLounging Areas, 116 Lafayette Avenue116 Lafayette AvenuePlanter Box, 116 Lafayette AvenueOverview from above, 116 Lafayette AvenueShady Corner, 116 Lafayette AvenueFoliage Detail, 116 Lafayette Avenue

Stop #10: 310 Carlton Avenue
310 Carlton AvenueContainers and Plants, 310 Carlton AvenueContainers and Plants, 310 Carlton Avenue310 Carlton AvenueFish and Lily Pads, 310 Carlton AvenueBench, 310 Carlton AvenueBench, 310 Carlton AvenuePond and Bench, 310 Carlton AvenueZonal Geranium Leaves, 310 Carlton Avenue310 Carlton AvenueBench, 310 Carlton AvenueLotus, 310 Carlton AvenueWater Lily, 310 Carlton AvenueContainer Plantings, 310 Carlton AvenueContainer Plantings, 310 Carlton AvenueSolanum pyracanthum, Porcupine tomato, 310 Carlton Avenue

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Blackswamp_Girl said...

So now I want a burgundy wall a la South Portland, with a simple bench (like the one from Carlton Ave) flanked with 'Lime Rickey' heucheras in blue pots! :)

Great pictures, Xris. Was this one of those garden tours where you felt like your brain was just full and you needed to sleep afterward? (That may sound crazy, but sometimes on garden tours, gallery hops, etc., I feel that way.)

~~ Melissa said...

your pics are really lovely. I love the (don't really know the words for it--) flat, matte quality to the colours--so beautiful.

what camera do you use?

Xris said...

BSG: I had to go back and see where the burgundy wall was! I hadn't noticed it; I was taking a picture of the planter bench, which I liked.

I hope you've had a chance to check out the photos for Clinton Hill, now that I've uploaded them. I have three or four more gardens to upload for Prospect Heights, and then I'm done.

And yes, I did come home and take a nap when I got home! Only three days later, if I hadn't taken all those photos, I'd have a hard time remembering everything I saw. I took away lots of great ideas.

Melissa: To answer the question first, I have a Nikon D70S. When you view the Flickr page for each photo, on the lower right look for the heading "Additional Information." You should see a line that reads "Taken with a Nikon D70S." Below that, there's a link for "More properties" which shows you all the technical details: camera, lens, shutter speed, and so on for that shot.

I think the light had more to do with how these came out. We had a perfect overcast sky all day; makes for the best garden photography. When it's sunny, there's too much contrast.

I also find I usually like the images better when I lighten the shadows, then adjust the contrast further. For example, look at the first three photos from 310 Carlton, and look at the shadows thrown by the pots. You can see how I lightened them up a little bit for the second and third shots.