amNY takes a look at Prospect Park South

170 Stratford Road, Prospect Park South
170 Stratford Road, Prospect Park South
Tomorrow's edition of amNY has an article on Prospect Park South, my neighborhood neighbor to the north, in their real estate (what else) section:
Deep in the belly of Flatbush lies an enclave of colossal freestanding houses, characterized by turrets, oriel windows, grand entrances flanked by columns and expansive wraparound porches.
- City Living: Prospect Park South, amNY, January 3, 2008
I don't know about "deep in the belly"; PPS lies rather to the northern end of Flatbush.

171 Marlborough Road, Prospect Park South
171 Marlborough Road, Prospect Park South

Unusually for a real estate piece, the article hints at some of the disparities and tensions with which Flatbush is challenged:
Though the neighborhood never fell into disrepair, relations between Prospect Park South and the less-wealthy surrounding areas have seen some rough times in the past.

In the 1970s, muggings and various thefts occurred along Church Avenue and Cortelyou Avenue, the main drags of the area. It had gotten bad enough that Prospect Park South's residents began paying for private neighborhood security. According to residents, things have improved since then.

Still, some have their doubts about the relationship between Victorian Flatbush -- a blanket term for Prospect Park South and the cluster of ritzy neighborhoods to the south [I don't feel that "ritzy, but okay] -- and other parts of Flatbush.

"To be honest, it's separate," said one resident, who did not want to be named. "There's just not much interaction between the two; a silent hostility, perhaps."
The article includes a brief interview with local realtor and long-time resident Mary Kay Gallagher.

145 (left) and 155 (right) Argyle Road, Prospect Park South
145&155 Argyle Road

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