Park Circle Mulchfest 2008: Saturday, January 5

Update 2008.01.06: I've added a post with photos from today.

Trees check in, they don't check out.
Tree Corral
Today I volunteered for the city-wide Mulchfest at the Park Circle location. I had a great time, and I'm going back tomorrow.

The 3rd Street entrance to Prospect Park has been the focus of past years, and it was this year as well. By 11am, we heard that they had already handled over 300 trees. All the media were there, as well as the Parks Commissioner.

This is the first year that chipping is being done on-site at Park Circle. It was slow to start at 10am, but the pace picked up during the morning, and by the time I left around 12:30pm, I estimate at least 200 trees had been chipped and shredded, with more arriving every few minutes. Parks trucks went out with staff and volunteers to cruise the streets in the area for trees left for curbside pickup. They brought those back to park Circle for chipping. That was the source for most of the trees, though we had several drop-offs as well.

Because today was Three Kings Day, many people in the area of Park Circle had not yet taken down their trees. Tomorrow should be even busier.

Assembly Line

The chipper empties into the back of a specialized dump-van/track. A couple of times during the day, the truck backs up and dumps out a huge pile of mulched Christmas trees.

MorBark Action Shot

The mulch is available for residents to come by and pick up. I got four big bags of it to use in my backyard. Parks staff and volunteers also moved the mulch to mulch trees around Park Circle. We'll be doing more of that tomorrow, as well.

Finished Mulch Dump Action Shot

Two of the volunteers at Park Circle were from the radio station Hot97. They sent a small crew over from 3rd Street to Park Circle. I think they interviewed everyone there, including me. So sometime in the next week there will be a very brief (about 10 seconds) video of me on their Web site.

Thank You Very Mulch!
Thank You Very Mulch!

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Anne said...

i rode by on my bike this afternoon, and the evergreen aroma was fantastic!

Anonymous said...

thanks Xris - It was great meeting you today! That smell really was delicious!