Call for Volunteers for 2008 Victorian Flatbush House Tour

Wraparound porch at 1306 Albemarle Road in Prospect Park South, one of the homes on last year's tour.
1306 Albemarle Road, Prospect Park South

Via Flatbush Family Network

It is that time again!! Time for the annual Victorian Flatbush House Tour. I am writing to ask for your help in promoting this year's event and in getting HOMES and VOLUNTEERS.

The Victorian Flatbush House Tour will take place this year on Sunday, June 8. It will start at 1pm and will run until 6pm. Each year, the tour features about 11 homes from the various neighborhoods that are open for visitation. More than 600 people attend the tour, with participants coming from all 5 boroughs, the greater metro area and beyond!

We are in need of lots of volunteers to help with the house tour. It takes over 100 volunteers to put on a successful tour each year. That includes the 80+ volunteers that are needed the day of the tour to meet and guide guests through the homes AND it includes the volunteers that are needed to plan and organize the tour over the several months preceding the actual tour.

If you, anyone in your association, or anyone you know, are interested in helping with planning or volunteering for this year's tour, please contact Robin Redmond at Flatbush Development Corporation at (718) 859-3800. Come get involved and help us showcase our beautiful neighborhoods.

We are also in need of homes to be on the tour this year. We have already had a couple of neighbors offer to have their homes be on this year's tour so we have a start but, there is still a need for more. If you would like to suggest your home, or a neighbor's home for being included in the tour then please, call Sidney Wormsby at (718) 791-8707.

Thanks for your help and support.

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