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Via the Coney Island Flickr group, I just learned that the Brooklyn Museum of Art will be holding an open call for submissions during March for a photographic exhibit this summer:
Click! is an exhibition in three consecutive parts. It begins with an open call—artists are asked to electronically submit a work of photography that responds to the exhibition’s theme, “Changing Faces of Brooklyn,” along with an artist statement.
- Click! A Crowd-Curated Exhibition
The open call runs from March 1 through 31, after which the submissions will be judged by the public:
After the conclusion of the open call, an online forum opens for audience evaluation of all submissions; as in other juried exhibitions, all works will be anonymous. As part of the evaluation, each visitor answers a series of questions about his/her knowledge of art and perceived expertise.
Open Call (March 1–March 31, 2008)
Evaluation (April 1–May 23, 2008)
Exhibition (June 27–August 10, 2008)

It's an interesting project.

I definitely want to submit some of my photos. Taking "faces" literally, the theme is challenging to me. I don't have many photos of people, though I have some in mind. One could also interpret "faces" to refer to the developing and decaying infrastructures of Brooklyn, from mega-projects to street corners. Other ideas?


Brooklyn Museum of Art

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