First Crocus, Rock Garden, Brooklyn Botanic Garden

Not in my garden, yet, but today I saw my first Crocus of the season in the Rock Garden at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden.

First Crocus, Rock Garden, BBG

I almost overlooked it. It's tucked in at the base of the south face of a large boulder in the Rock Garden. A perfect location for solar heating to get a head start on his little crocusey friends.

First Crocus, Rock Garden, BBG

Ah, but look. There are some crocusey friends to his left, two of them.

First Crocus, Rock Garden, BBG

I'm thinking Crocus tommasinanus.

Here's the Yucca again which I photographed a few weeks ago. I like how the leaves capture the light.

Yucca, Rock Garden, BBG
Yucca, Rock Garden, BBG

The Witchhazels I also photographed a month ago are now fading, but still colorful.

Hamamelis x intermedia "Jelena", Rock Garden, BBG
Hamamelis x intermedia "Jelena", Rock Garden, BBG

Just starting to come into their own are the heaths in the Rock Garden. I look forward to watching them progress over the new few months.

Heaths, Rock Garden, BBG
White-flowering Heath, Rock Garden, BBG

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Brooklyn Botanic Garden, January 2008


Brenda from Flatbush said...

Keep hope alive!!!

Peregrine said...

Walking by the new trees on Cortelyou revealed little shoots coming up. Our work is soon to be realized.

Anonymous said...

wonderful photos! gorgeous! should we be worried about the cold coming back and killing the shoots? if not, should we be worrying about mosquitoes and building bat houses?

Xris (Flatbush Gardener) said...

brenda: And now I see your snowdrops are blooming!

peregrine: I've been keeping an eye on them as well. And removing the bags of trash when I find them in the tree pits. At least let them bloom!

anon: These early-blooming plants are cold-adapted and unharmed by freeze/thaw cycles. The cold helps the flowers last longer! And I'm always in favor of bats and their houses.