Help me select the BBG Visitors Group photo for June

Lavender border along the Cranford Rose Garden, taken May 28, 2007, by TheGirlsNY

Update 2007.06.08: I selected the photo above as the BBGV group photo for June 2007. Thanks to everyone who weighed in and contributed suggestions.

Be sure to check out the comments to this post and follow the links for an interesting blog conversation about why there are so few people in these photos.

I'm a co-admin for a Flickr group, the Brooklyn Botanic Garden Visitors photo pool. In May I thought I would start rotating the group photo which represents the group in Flickr. I'm trying to pick the photo for June.

Pink Snowcherry laneBrooklyn Botanic Gardens #2WisteriaIMGP2055

It's a tough decision. Over 200 photos were posted in May, out of over 1,100 photos since Paul-M started the group last year. And May is such an explosion. There was the Cherry Blossom Festival, of course, but there are also tulips, azaleas, wisteria, and even roses that have started blooming.

So, help me pick. Here are a few of my favorites of the 200, in order by the date taken. Leave a comment and let me know your favorites. Or you can nominate another one from the pool. The only criteria are that the picture was taken during May 2007, and that it's not one of my photos. I'll make a decision over the weekend.

Pink Snow, taken May 6, 2007, by Abizeleth
Pink Snow

Cherry Lane, Taken May 9, 2007, by Keith Carver
cherry lane

Tulips, taken May 12, 2007, by James Prescott
Brooklyn Botanic Gardens #2

Wisteria, taken May 15, 2007, by PaulS

Borage?, taken May 29, 2007, by amg


carletongardener said...

Pink Snow is nice, but I like the Tulips best. Beautiful shot.

Xris said...

Thanks for the vote, CG!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

I like all of the pictures... but particularly the lavender and the borage, because they seem a little more timely for June if that makes sense. (And yes, definitely borage there!)

Julie said...

Dear Xris,

Thanks for pointing us to this beautiful photo file.

I like this


and this

It interests (and surprises) me that there are so FEW photos of people in the garden. Any idea why?

All good wishes,

Xris said...

bsg: I think I'm going with the Lavender. It's alongside the Cranford Rose Garden, which is oh so June.

Julie: Great thoughts, and great post on HFP. I just posted my response.