I was on TV!

UPDATE 2007.05.23: BCAT has the clips available on their Web site! It's Reporter Roundtable Episode #183. The format is WMV (Windows Media Player) and runs 27:54. The video montage from the Blogfest begins at 08:50. I make my appearance at 10:44, in the first interview.

Here are the direct links:

I'm watching the Reporter RoundTable interview with Lumi Michelle Rolley/No Land Grab, Jonathan Butler/Brownstoner and Louise Crawford/OTBKB/Smartmom. They ran a brief segment of footage from the BlogFest. There I was! Larger than life, if that's possible.

The video's not available online yet. I'll update this and the Blogfest Coverage post when it is.

I sure sound funny. And I have a face for radio.

Oh, and I watched through to the end. Louise Crawford mentioned that the first "Brooklyn Blogade Roadshow" will be June 24 at Vox Pop. She also announced it earlier this week. I'm helping to coordinate that event, so watch this blog for details and RSVP info as we move further along.


carletongardener said...

Wow! Congratulations on your TV appearance.

Victoria said...

Hi Flatbush Gardener, Queens Botanical Garden is doing a talk, "Compost Saved My Garden" on Sunday, June 3, 1 to 3 pm. Thought you might be interested in posting or attending.


Xris said...

cg: Yeah, my 15 seconds, if that, of fame, and on public access cable to boot!

victoria: Thanks for the info. I've never been to the Queens Botanical Garden. It doesn't seem to be that close to a subway station, and I don't have a driver's license. I hope I can make it there someday.