Blogfest Coverage

Update 2010.01.03: Removed all links to the old Gowanus Lounge domain, which has since been appropriated by some parasitic commercial site.

To highlight coverage of last Thursday's Blogfest, I've moved all the links from my original post to this one and organized it by media. I'll continue to keep this up to date as I learn about more.

  • Brooklyn Roundtable (Episode airing 9pm 5/18 will include a video montage from the Blogfest and interviews with OTBKB, BrownStoner, and No Land Grab. Update: I was in the montage!)
  • cruxy (I'm in this one, though not identified. They pan across me at the open mic before they move on to one-on-one interviews with attendees at the reception.)
  • NewsChannel4

(Watch this space)

Photos, mostly
You can also look at my Flickr set of photos from the evening.

Words, mostly

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