The End of "Gowanus Lounge"

This morning I discovered that the domain for Gowanus Lounge had been appropriated by a commercial site. I learned this afternoon that the domain had been sold.

Gowanus Lounge had been the project of founder Robert Guskind, who died (too soon) in March of 2009. Archived content from Gowanus Lounge is now available at a new, "memorial" domain, bobguskind.com.

I'll be updating my links to the old Gowanus Lounge site to the new domain in his name. It saddens me to have to do this, but I must, since Bob's work is no longer available at the original domain. It's clear to me that the new proprietor of the domain expects to garner hits through links to Bob's old work. I refuse to support that.

How to find links

Two Google keywords let you find links from a specific domain to another:
finds links to the specified domain
limits the search to links from the specified domain
So, to find links from my blog to the old Gowanus Lounge domain, I searched this in Google:
link:gowanuslounge.com site:flatbushgardener.blogspot.com


Robert "Bob" Guskind Memorial Site
Much Ado About the Gowanus Lounge, That Greenpoint Blog, 2010-01-03

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Tricia said...

Thanks very much for the info on how to find GL backlinks. I had no idea because my blog is still a baby (less than one year old) and inspired by Bob's passionate coverage of Coney. I'm happy to know his work will be preserved at bobguskind.com