The 2nd Annual Brooklyn Blogfest, for real

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It was a great event. I was too exhausted, achy, and feverish when I got home to write anything last night. I'll be coming back tonight to write more. A couple of quick notes now.

Update 2007.05.11 23:30 EDT: I'm back. Only minor edits and links added to what I wrote earlier today. Some possibly closing thoughts here.

Back in the Day

[2007.05.23: Moved Back in the Day to its own post.]

Present Day

Ye Olde Stone House
Old Stone House, Northwest view

I met lots of my fellow Brooklynites and bloggers. I am terrible with names and faces and, well, people, mostly, so if I met you or gave you a card, please leave a comment below to slap me a reminder! A special shout out to my neighbors Brenda of Crazy Stable, and Anne of Sustainable Flatbush, both of whom I met for the first time last night.

Our host(ess) for the evening, Louise Crawford, Only the Blog Knows Brooklyn, keeping time with the broom
Louise Crawford, keeping time with the broom

Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge
Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge

Steve Johnson, outside.in
Steve Johnson, outside.in

Lumi Michelle Rolley, No Land Grab
Lumi Michelle Rolley, nolandgrab.org

Jonathan Butler, Brownstoner
Jonathan Butler, Brownstoner

Norman Oder, Atlantic Yards Report
Norman Oder, Atlantic Yards Report

Eleanor Traubman, Creative Times
Eleanor Traubman, Creative Times

Despite enduring a root canal from the dentist earlier in the day, my partner tuffed it out and accompanied me to the blogfest. His name tag read "Blog Widow" and he found others last night with whom to commiserate. He said "You're famous" based on the response I received at the open mic. And here I'd thought it was my natural charisma, wit and charm. Or, if not, that the response I received was for "Flatbush" more than me. Represent.

News12 Reporter Heather Abraham recording her voice-overs outside the Old Stone House before the doors opened.
News12 Reporter Heather Abraham

NewsChannel4 Van outside the dog run in J.J. Byrne Park.
NewsChannel4 Van

News12 Brooklyn, Brooklyn Independent Television (BIT), and NewsChannel4 (NYC NBC affiliate) were in the house. (A very crowded and cozy Old Stone House, it was.) BIT interviewed me on-camera along with several others at the end of the evening to get our reactions. And Dope on the Slope conducted a probing and humorous digital audio interview with me. (Note: I wasn't serious about hoping the Bradford Pears just planted on Cortelyou Road would die soon so they could be replaced. But I bet they will expire before our mortgage does.)

Battle Diorama inside Old Stone House
Battle Diorama inside Old Stone House

Update 16:36 EDT: BIT airs at 8:30pm this evening on BCAT (Brooklyn Community Access Television). I hope to try and catch it to see if I made any face time.

Update 19:45 EDT: And here is the man behind the blog, yours truly, Flatbush Gardener. Thanks to the blogfest participants who dared risk their lenses against my visage.

Flatbush Gardener, present day
Credit: Robert Guskind, Gowanus Lounge

Link Love

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Brenda from Flatbush said...

Great meeting you too...doubly impressed since learning you'd just been root-canal'd...I'm stealing 'blog widow' from your partner to apply to Spouse...why is it nothing but pear trees on the streets now, anyhow? Can anyone say "Dutch elm disease"?

eric : gardenfork.tv said...

Good to finally meet the Flatbush Gardener. Funny that we sat right next to each other but I didn't realize it.

eric of gardenfork.tv
http://gardenfork.tv - a video podcast about cooking, gardening, and other stuff.

Nathanial said...

Just wanted to let you know about my videoblog coverage of the blogfest that I just posted on Friday.

You can find it at http://blog.cruxy.com/blog/?p=183